The Minimap

The Outcast Minimap shows the ground level of all the major cities and most areas. A few tips for finding your way out as a beginner are also shown on the minimap.

Downloadable Minimap for Outcast Client

This is a very extensive Minimap for the Outcast Client.

Minimap Version Last Updated on 8.8.2022 by God Qut, Minimap provided by Aegrow from Outcast

Minimap Download:

Installation Instructions

    1. After downloading the minimap, log out and close all of your clients.
    1. Navigate to the Outcast folder: C:\Users\YourUserName\outcast
    1. Move the downloaded minimap.otmm file to C:\Users\YourUserName\outcast folder
    1. You can either replace your old minimap, or rename your old minimap if you want to save it
    1. Now you can start the Outcast Client and a very extensive Minimap should be visible to you

If you run into any issues when installing the Minimap, contact God Qut. :)

Viewable Minimap of the Outcast

Click the Minimap to zoom in and start figuring your way out as an Outcastian!

This picture of the Minimap does NOT have the following advanced high level areas marked: Plains of Gold, Labyrinth of the Fallen Gods, Underworld of Axxion, Lands of Mysticon, Be'Luna & others.