Outcast Pass

Simply put, Outcast Pass grants you access to some high level places and also gives you the ability to use checkpoint teleports.

What is Outcast Pass?

Outcast Pass grants players access through certain doors at extremely challenging areas such as Sky Rider Weapon Upgrade Quest. You also need Outcast Pass to access and activate checkpoints at Quests. To return to those checkpoints at a later date, Outcast Pass has to be active, otherwise NPC Sir Mystic Rick at Edron Boat will not let you return to the checkpoints that you have activated.

Outcast Pass 30 Day Price

350 crystal coins from NPC Skeeter Skurr at Qutor's Grove

2500 Task Points by using the !task system

1100 Shop Points when purchased from The Old Business Man

!outcastpass Command shows whether or not your Outcast Pass is activated, and when it expires.