Age System

As you gain more Age, you will get access to new outfits, quests & areas. You can also get free Outcast Tokens by gaining more Age and clicking the Golden statue at the Temple. Gaining Age is very beneficial to the progress of your character.

Basics of the Age system

You will gain Age only by being online. You will only get kicked out of the game if you exit, log out, disconnect or lose connection in some way. By keeping your client on, you will not get kicked. You will gain more Age easily if you keep the client on everytime you can and stay at the training monk area while getting better skills and magic level, or stay at any other place on the map.

24 hours of online time is 1 Age

!age This command shows your current Age in-game

Main benefits of gaining more Age

  • Access to more Outfits
  • Access to more areas and Quests
  • Getting free Outcast Tokens as a reward for gaining more age