Player Commands

All the commands that players can use in-game at all times are listed on this page.

The following commands are especially important for beginners

  • !info

When you use this command ingame, it will show you everything that is generally important to know. EXP Rates, skull times, frag times & other things.

  • !commands

This command will show you a list of every single command available in the game, and theres a huge variety of them so check them out!

  • !task

This useful command will show you all there is to know about the Task System and how to take an advantage of it!

Commands for players

!points Shows how many donation points you have.

!expboost Shows how long until your EXP boost ends.

!age Shows your current age.

!bless Use this command to buy blessings.

!lagfix Explains how to fix lags if you are experiencing some.

!spells Shows how to see all the spells that are available.

!warmode Explains how to join Warmode.

!task Start exploring all the tasks at the lands of Outcast.

!frags Shows how many Unjustified kills you have.

!skull Shows how long you will have your current skull.

!rs Shows how long you will have your red skull.

!kills Shows the total amount of kills you have done.

!vip Shows how the date and time when your Outcast Pass access will expire.

!aol Buy an amulet of loss for 30k.

!time Shows the total amount of time you have spent online.

!info Shows everything that is relevant about the Outcast server.

!buyhouse Go infront of the door and say the command to buy a house.

!online Shows all the players who are online.

!mana Shows how much mana you need to advance in magic levels.

!promotion Use this command to buy a promotion.

!exp Shows the amount of experience needed to advance to the next level.

!uptime Shows the current uptime of the server.

!house If you are locked out of your own house then use this command.

House command: aleta gom Set house owner

House command: aleta som Set players who can open doors and walk in

House command: aleta sio Set players who can walk in but can’t open doors

House command: alana sio "playernamehere Kick a player out of your house