Outcast Client

Outcast 7.6 Client is an extremely optimized Anti-Cheat client that provides a smooth and lag free gaming experience. Outcast Client supports both graphics engines, OpenGL and DirectX9. By using Outcast.exe you will be using OpenGL and by using OutcastX.exe you will be using DirectX9.

Client Basics & Hotkeys

Enable WASD + QEZC Diagonal walk Tick a checkbox next to Default Chat tab in the Client

Open Spell book in Client Click the Spell book image on the upper right corner

Change graphics Engine Use Outcast.exe for OpenGL and OutcastX.exe for DirectX9

It is a good idea to try both of the graphics engines and use the one you have higher FPS on.

Enable light hack Go to Options->Graphics and untick Enable Lights box.


CTRL+K Hotkey Manager

CTRL+SHIFT+M Fullscreen Minimap

CTRL+M Minimap Window

CTRL+G Character Window

CTRL+I Inventory Window

CTRL+B Battle Window

CTRL+S Skills Window

How to enable the “Lag Fix”

Outcast Client has a lag fix integrated into it which can be enabled/activated easily. The lag fix will create an entry called TcpAckFrequency into the registry and set its value to 1, (1 = disabled). This “tweak” disables something called nagling also known as Nagle’s Algorithm.

Disabling Nagle’s Algorithm, in all of its simplicity, will remove delays in sending packets which results in everything getting sent faster to the server. This will greatly improve your gaming experience by removing step lag and other quirks caused by the delays in sending packets.

To activate the lag fix, follow the steps!

NOTE: Remember to restart your computer after completing the steps!


1. Right click "Outcast.exe" in Outcast Client folder
2. As the Windows menu opens, choose option "Run as Administrator".
3. Start the Outcast Client as an Administrator once
4. Close the client once it has started as an Admininistrator
5. Restart your computer to reload the changes in registry

After completing the previously mentioned steps the lag fix should be enabled and your gaming experience will now be on a much more improved level.

Say good bye to lags, see you in-game, faster than ever!!