The Rules of Outcast

This Wiki page includes most of the rules on Outcast.

Rules written in RED color are NOT effective anymore.

Gamemasters have the power to stop destructive behaviour in-game or on this website by penalising, banishing or deleting characters or accounts.

Such behaviour includes, but is not limited to the following offences:

Punishment types: Verbal warnings. Character banishments and deletions. Complete account cooldown or deletion.

  1. Pretending to be a gamemaster in any place or anytime is highly prohibited.

2. Owning more than 1 house.

  1. Using additional software to play is illegal and will result in a punishment of some type depending on the situation. (Bots & programs that automate tasks in Tibia).

3. Using macros/bots. Using aimbots, vitabots or auto-fish aim will lead to instant deletion.

  1. Threatening a Gamemaster because of his and/or her actions.

  1. Using offensive and/or non-sense names as well as using offensive language towards other players may result in a punishment.

  1. Advertise anything not related to Outcast.

  1. Abusing obvious weaknesses that can be considered flaws, glitches and bugs in the game may result in some type of a punishment depending on the situation.

7. Abusing of possible bugs. As attacking on magic walls, uh trapping, using weapons with distance weapons at the same time, standing in stairs. If you find a bug please report it to a Gamemaster.

8. Abusing of weaknesses in the gameplay.

  1. Sharing your account may result in a punishment. This is not the case everytime, though. It is advised to NOT share your account as it poses a security risk to the player whos account it is.

9. Sharing your account.

  1. Trading your account.

  1. Selling in-game items for real money.

  1. Making false reports or intentionally giving wrong information to a gamemaster concerning his or her investigations.

  1. Asking a gamemaster to give items, experience, money or anything inappropriate.

16. Closed traps in world that can cause a debug. (IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD WHERE YOU GET TPED IF YOU GO TO WORLD)

  1. Spreading things or posting things that insult or hurt the gamemasters and/or the server and/or the community. Anything that might damage the server, community or the staff might result in a punishment.

  1. Creating or using an uhtrap causes either a character banishment or a deletion. After the investigation the staff decides whether they just ban the character that was using the uhtrap or delete it, but they also have rights to delete his/her other characters and the account itself. The guy who has been killed in the certain uhtrap or has been abused by the makers of it, will get his levels back if he has been killed in it. His deathlist will also be cleaned. An uhtrap does not always result in the strictest form of punishment, there are cases when the situation can be solved verbally.

  1. Involving beginner characters into wars, in a way that affects the participants of the war may lead to a character deletion or to a banishment. If this keeps on going after several warnings, his/her main character can be either banished or deleted. Ways to involve noobchars into wars: (Run into peoples spells that they are casting and die into them. Doing that many times. Also blocking boats on noobcharacters is illegal. It may cause to a character deletion or to a character banishment, depending on the situation and the previous warnings of the certain person.) Do not use, or waste your so called “beginner characters” in wars and do not use them to block boats.

  1. Taking the protection zone off by magic walling the other people, or using the other persons favours and letting him to magicwall you, may lead to a character banishment. Do not take protection zone off by magicwalling yourself, or the other person. Do not abuse level doors to take your protection zone off. The situations and punishments for them where these things have been used will be considered depending on the circumstances. Whether it was you who magicwalled someones PZ off, or you were magicwalled, both incidents may lead to a banishment.

21. If someone either bots or bug abuses, a screenshot will not be enough proof anymore. You need to record the situation itself by using a tibiCAM or so. As screenshots are able to be faked very easily, we decided to make this rule. So, to make it clear. Botting or bug abusing or anything like that cannot be prove by using a screenshot. The proof itself has to be better, which means that the guy who is reporting the certain person must have a solid proof, such as a tibiCAM or so. We found out that it was possible to change peoples names by using a certain program, which could have allowed anybody to get someone banished.

22. Shooting a person from a magicwall is illegal, as it is a well known bug. If the accident or the rule violation has happened and the proof has been posted, the case will be checked by the staff. After that we will consider that what kind of punishment is needed, or if any punishment is needed at all. It will depend on the case. If it is an obvious accident and the certain person who has been involved into the case knows it, he will not get a punishment. By shooting for instance a single sd on a person while standing on a magicwall, or attacking a few times with a burst or a melee by an accident, will not be considered has a hard rule violation, so therefore there is a chance of not getting a banishment. The staff will consider whether it was an accident or not. If it is an intentional violation, then the banishment shall be done. But, for example, if this is abused in a way that the certain person always says that it was an accident, he may get banished. No exceptions in this case. All the incidents will be investigated by the staff. Remember, that you may not shoot anybody on purpose while you are standing on a magicwall. Also, if you anyhow force someone to bug abuse, or do something that could possibly make someone bug abuse. It belongs in to your duties to advice those, who are not aware of the rule, to stop the bug abusing. Remember to tell those, who are not aware of the certain rule, to stop bug abusing. UPDATE TO THIS RULE: Depending on the person and the decision of the gamemaster, the certain suspect in the case might get deleted for killing another player while standing on a magicwall. This also includes the situation where the guilty one shoots the object for multiple times without stopping.

23. If the certain person who has been caught from macroing has gotten a huge advantage from the program, his magiclevels and skills that he has gotten by using it, may be returned back to the ones that he had before using the macro. The amount of the skills that will be returned to the normal will be considered.

  1. The Outcast Forum is a part of the game aswell. By not following the forums rules and breaking them repeatedly, you may cause yourself an ingame banishment (Can be an IP banishment aswell). If you use a proxy on the forum, while your other IP is banished, you may get IP banished in the real server and all your characters may get deleted. You must understand, that if you get banished, you are unwanted, therefore you cannot access the forum in anyway. Do not try to access the forum if you are suspended or IP banished, do not make new forum accounts to get in if your main user is suspended. Primarily, using a Proxy on the forum boards is illegal and by using it, you may get punished. Remember to live by the rule.

24. Using a cave bot to EXP is illegal. The punishment for breaking this rule depends on the situation. These factors are considered when deciding the punishment: (Advantage gained from cavebotting, damage caused by cavebotting, form of cavebotting, length of cavebotting and other various logical factors that are obviously important when deciding a punishment.)

24. Using a cavebot to EXP is highly illegal. Simply said, it will lead to a permanent IP-banishment and especially to a full account deletion (meaning all existing accounts from the botter himself get deleted). Warning; As it is well known, Serbian people have the same IP-address. If I find one more Serbian using a cavebot to EXP, I will IPban them, PERMANENTLY. There is no coming back. You will not be able to access the forum, the homepage and the server.

  1. If it is rather obvious that the person who has been caught of using a macroing program, knows that it is illegal, he may get punished very hard. After the decision of the gamemasters, the punishment will be announced. Punishment MAY include one or all of these: account deletion, character deletion (and/or) IP banishment. The punishments vary depending on the person and the situation.

  1. If the certain person who has been caught of using an aimbot, knows the rules and the gamemasters decide that the person was aware of the illegalness of the action he took, he may get punished in severe ways. Punishment MAY include one or all of these: account deletion, character deletion (and/or) IP banishment. The punishments vary depending on the person and the situation.

  1. Using a macro to get magiclevel up MAY lead to a character deletion, depending on the person and the case itself.

  1. Giving your account or character to someone else is illegal. It is considered as trading/sharing and will lead to an account deletion at worst.

29. There is a limit to how many people you can invite to a donator house. The exact number is undefined for various reasons. Only a God may define the exact limit at the scene. It depends on what type of monsters the person has in his private hunting spot at his house and whether they are V.I.P monsters or not, what also matters is the size of the private hunting place.

  1. Mass murdering, excessive player killing, power abusing, generally destroying and affecting the server negatively can lead to some type of a punishment that will affect all the accounts of the perpetrator. To be more specific: Using new and/or old low level characters to CONSTANTLY kill new people is ill-advised and will lead to some type of a punishment that can possibly affect all the accounts of the perpetrator.

  1. There is only one God. His name is God qut. You shall have no other Gods.

Remember, if you are using bugs or botting on beginner characters often, it may lead to an IP banishment or to your main characters deletion. Any kind of botting may lead to these punishments. Do not bot. Botting is prohibited. Also, take this to your heart: VIOLATING RULES FOR SEVERAL TIMES, OR EVEN JUST ONCE, MAY CAUSE YOUR CHARACTER A BANISHMENT, ALSO TO YOUR OTHER CHARACTERS. This means, if you abuse these things on your beginner characters, you will feel the punishment on your main character aswell.


It can be only your fault, you have either given your acc/pass to someone, or downloaded illegal/infected programs and gotten your personal information stolen by the malware in those programs.

Blackmailing, DDoS and any type of other illegal action will be instantly reported to the ISP and other relevant parties.

To make it clear: Abusing gamemasters, coming back even if getting banned because of doing illegal things, doing anything that might affect not so well to the gamemasters or so. Doing things that gamemasters and gods and the owner will not allow you to do is also illegal.

The sanction is based on the seriousness of the rule violation and the previous record of the player. It is determined by the gamemaster imposing the banishment.

The decisions done by the Administrator are always final and non-questionable. In some rare cases punishments can be reversed if such action is seen useful in a situation.

These rules may be changed at any time.