The Rules of Outcast

We used to have hundreds of rules, now all we thrive for is improvement and positivity.

You could have ten rules, a hundred rules, an infinite amount of rules. We used to, ever since the beginning in Outcast in 2004, have a massive amount of rules. As the server, the community, the mechanics and ideas behind everything morphed into something completely different along the years, suddenly we found ourselves looking at the rules and wondering what on earth is the purpose of those oudated pieces of advice that have zero meaning in todays world. Makes sense, no?

There are no rules, but here are a couple of things I would advise anyone to think of when playing here.

Be nice to each other, treat others with love and positivity. Help your friend, your folk. Help yourself, focus on improvement. Have a positive mindset. Growth, together, alone, however you want. Dont get stuck in the past, dont get tangled into negativity. You’ll have bad days, and those days can perhaps be detected as your actions leaning more on the negative side, whether by words or direct actions taken towards other players.

Think about what you’re doing. Are you having fun by ruining someone elses day? Come on, dont do that. Think of how you portray yourself to others, what are you doing, why are you doing what youre doing? Are you helping people, or trying to annoy and attack them in various forms? Whats your end goal? Do you want to have an enjoyable time playing, do you want to see improvements, features, new content, new universes emerge within the Outcast Realms? It is only possible, if we’re all here playing the game, enjoying it, having a good time. Dont do things that make people leave Outcast, you’re not helping anybody.

There is no Outcast, no server, none of that, unless we’re all here, together, playing, improving and working on ideas and executing them into reality. There is no Outcast, if there is no community. It is all one, the people, me, you, the server. If one of them disappears, all of it will slowly be sucked into a black hole somewhere on the outer edges of the visible universe.

If you find some odd bugs in the game, whether it be something that you can just gain a small edge from, or a bigger game breaking issue that provides you with the ultimate source of advantage, think deeply of the consequences in the long term that it may have. Whatever the buggy bug, it might set you apart from others by a mile, or just by an inch, but at the same time you will be dividing the people in the long run, as more folk figure out how to abuse the bug you found eventually turning it into an event that will have caused everlasting effects in the stability and the balance of the game, and often times the long term effects cannot be erased back to as they were before the bug appeared.

Try not to abuse things if you find something that isnt meant to be there. I can understand it, though, if people do not expose all the beneficial issues they find and use them for their own benefit. Its understandable, Im not judging anyone for it.

Be kind, be understanding, be fair, have patience. Everybody is different. Not all of us can behave and act in the way you want. Bad days, good days, you already know it.

If you find yourself pondering whether or not something is illegal: Let me, Qut, know about it in-game and we’ll discuss it further. Ive tried to design a game with the help of all the people that would allow us to have a good time without worrying about written rules, so theres no need to focus on enforcing some odd set of commandments, which is both time consuming and has a negative effect on the server in the long run.

Take it easy and enjoy. :)