PvP War Videos

Since 2004 the players from our great community have been making various PvP videos, this page lists a few of them. Warm up those cold hands of yours and start throwing SDs like no other!

Other links to various Outcast related clips

  • Movies section on our Forums where players post their PvP clips


  • Our official Youtube channel has some cool PvP clips as well


Outcast’s PvP Movies

Youmirinmyaesthetics: Survives & Frags [outcastserver.com]

The Brother’s: Outcast PvP, Oldschool Style [outcastserver.com]

Youmirinmyaesthetics: Outcast PvPin’ [outcastserver.com]

Youmirinmyaesthetics: Outcast Reborn [outcastserver.com]

SammyNSC’s Outcast War Clip [outcastserver.com]

A couple of frags by Adamp

Outcast the Documentary [outcastserver.com]

Outcast - The War [outcastserver.com]

SammyNSC’s Outcast Random Wars [outcastserver.com]

Outcast - 7.6 Battles [outcastserver.com]

Outcast The Bloodlust [outcastserver.com]

Sodlig’s Spam Movie [outcastserver.com]

Slaid’s War Movie [outcastserver.com]

Pro Street’s Massacre [outcastserver.com]

Sammy And War [outcastserver.com]

Sodligs War Movie [outcastserver.com]

Outcast OT, Hydra Hunt [outcastserver.com]

Outcast Open-Tibia Wars [outcastserver.com]