Resurrection System

The Resurrection system, in all of its simplicity, allows a player who just died to return back to where their body is.

Basics of the Checkpoint system

Everytime you die, an item called “Baphomets Tool of Resurrection” will appear inside your dead body. If someone is alive at the place where you just died, that player can click that item and you will be teleported back to your body. To do this, after dying, you need to walk one floor down in Temple & Depot, and go inside a placed called “The Chamber of Resurrection”. Once you stand inside that room, someone can click the Tool of Resurrection inside your body, and you will be teleported back to where you died.

Open up a dead body and you can see the Baphomets Tool of Resurrection inside it!


Tool of Resurrection inside a dead body. Click it to resurrect your dead teammate!


Chamber of Resurrection, go inside this room if you died and want to be resurrected!


The amount of times you can be resurrected is currently 4 times in a row

Resurrection counter gets reset a couple of times a day, so keep checking your counter

Resurrection & Checkpoint teleport counter resets every midnight at 00:00 UTC+2

!checkpoint Shows how many Resurrection & Checkpoint teleports you have used today

Why use the resurrection system?

  • You can easily return back to your body if you die at a hunting session or a long quest
  • You do not have to walk minutes or hours back to where you died, you can now be resurrected
  • A smooth flow in questing is now achieved since there are tons of multi hour quests on Outcast