Checkpoint System

The Checkpoint System allows players to teleport to various distant and deep locations inside some of the hardest Quests. Without using checkpoints, some of the Quests could last for over 10 hours if done in one single session without the use of checkpoints.

Basics of the Checkpoint system

To teleport back into a checkpoint at a later date, you first need to reach it once and then click it to activate. Remember, Outcast Pass is needed to click a checkpoint, so make sure you have purchased it before you go on a mission to collect checkpoints. Once you have clicked the checkpoint statue, you can teleport into that same location at a later date by talking to NPC Sir Mystic Rick at Edron Boat. Checkpoints at Quests appear as the Phoenix Bird statues with electricity and blue walls surrounding the statues, this theme never changes. Whenever you find such a statue anywhere in a quest, click it immediately.

Outcast Pass is needed to collect and activate checkpoints

Cost of teleporting back to a Checkpoint depends on its distance and difficulty

You are only allowed to use 2 checkpoint teleports per day

Checkpoint teleport counter resets every midnight at 00:00 UTC+2

!checkpoint Command shows how many checkpoint teleports you have used today

All Checkpoints have the same theme. If you find a place looking like the following image, make sure to click the statue to activate the checkpoint!


Why use the checkpoint system?

  • Access various mystical creatures more easily
  • Easier Access to distant points in long quests
  • Return to your team more easily if you die in a long quest
  • Access epic hunting grounds without having to run through all areas
  • Hunt without having to worry about player killers reaching you easily