Guides by Players

All of these Tutorials were made by our beautiful community members to give a little guidance for newer players. And remember, always ask for help anywhere on the server, and you’ll usually get an answer, often times sooner than later. :)

Guides for Mages by a Pro Mage

Most Important NPCs

All of the following NPCs are at the Upstairs of Temple & Depot

  • The Old Business Man (Shop Items for Shop Points, highest floor of Temple & Depot)
  • Tirano Spears, rings, swords, clubs, axes, helmets, boots, legs, shields, armors.
  • Al Estwel Pick, rope, shovel, aol, ssa, bp of ssa, amulet of infinity, piggy bank dice, backpacks, scythe, machete, pot.
  • Presko Sells runes and backpacks of runes.
  • Patriarch Scorcher If you want to do monster tasks, outfit task & other customized tasks, talk to NPC Starboy on Edron Boat. But if you want to start a random tasks where you collect certain items and bring them to me, say: start random task. Say !collectibles in default chat to see how to acquire task items. If you want to see which task you currently have activated then say: active task. If you want to complete a task then say: task completed.
  • Don Torso I can change your vocation from Sorc to Druid and vice versa for 500k if you say the word vocation. I can also change your gender from Male to Female and vice versa for 300k.
  • King Arthur I can sell you a promotion.
  • Guild Master You can create your own guild or join an existing one.

The following NPCs are located at Edron Boat, that you can access either by going to the main boat at Vroengard and travelling to Edron, or by walking to the teleport in the upper side of the Temple & Depot

  • Starboy Various tasks like monster tasks, outfit tasks, quest tasks, EXP Boost tasks, Checkpoint tasks and other stuff. Say tasks for more information.
  • Sir Mystic Rick Checkpoint teleports (for gold nuggets/crystal coins). When you have checkpoint activated you can buy a teleport for crystal coins to get there. You can travel to Yalahar without activating the checkpoint. Look up the Checkpoints section at the Wiki.

Easy steps for leveling a Mage

  1. After you login, ask someone with high Age to buy you runes. Players with high Age get more charges to runes when buying and creating them.
  2. Once you get manarunes, use them for training magiclevel. I would recommend 1 magiclevel for 7-8 levels but it’s nice to start hunting with like 90-100 magiclevel and do high damage
  3. Now that you are ready to explore, you might start hunting something simple like Warlocks. (You can also hunt Hydras & Dragon Lords or whatever you want). Killing them one by one shouldnt be that hard even on level 40. On the pictures you can see how to find the spawns. You can find various regular hunting spots by going to the teleport inside Temple on the right side, it leads to a teleport world. Once you go in, walk south to find more portals.

Easy Warlock Spawn


Easy Demon Spawn


Teleport World at Right side TP, accessible from the Temple & Depot


Various teleports exist around the teleport world.

  1. One of the best ways of also gaining bonus levels in the beginning is by joining all the city wave raids. Various high EXP monsters spawn all around the city in either 15 or 30 waves, and you can kill them and get tons of XP and great loot as well. Look out for those!
  2. Once you get level 250-300 you can slowly start exploring the Mage hunting area at Fallen Gods Labyrinth. It’s good spot to hunt solo and with your friend during 300% party share bonus. To get there you have to pass Fallen Gods and you will need some blocker to show you the way and help to get there. There is a checkpoint which can be used in future as a shortcut. You have to click it once to activate. Then when you press it 5 times you will get teleported back to depot. It costs 50 crystal coins or shop points to travel to the checkpoint. To use checkpoints you have to get Outcast Pass which can be bought for 350 Crystal Coins, 2500 Task Points or 1100 Shop Points. On lower level you can run on Area Number 2, on higher level you run into Area Number 1. For Area 1 I recommend at least 450 level. Then you just run through on mana shield to the stairs and you can slowly explore.

Mage Spot area


Fallen Gods Magicians Creek

  1. During your hunts you always automatically collect task points. At the beginning you should keep max pointing (say !task maxpoints) till you get 2500 points and you can buy Outcast Pass. When you buy it you can maxpoint the level to 4000 points and get 100CC for every 4k points.
  2. Everyday there is a 300% Party Share XP Bonus multiple times throughout the day. It runs for 30 minutes. Find someone to hunt in party and get more XP!
  3. As a druid you should find some good blocker and heal him during the hunt while he does the damage with exori/sonar. The better blocker is, the faster exp you get in a party. Yalahar is perfect spot for that but you have to get some levels first.
  4. To level faster you should use XP Boost runes. You can loot them from many monsters, get them from the shop for donation points, win them in zombie event or get them for monster tasks (ask Starboy on edron’s boat). You can also try to buy it from other players. God Qut also gives tons of XP Boost runes during the XP Raid event and all the events following it.
  5. Zombie event is also nice option to get some extra XP. You get 5 million XP for winning the event, also 10cc and 20 shop points + there is a possibilty to get some extra rewards like exp boost, a full zenith/templar set and hundreds of Shop Points.
  6. Another nice option to get extra XP is to find EXP graves. You can also get exp boosts when clicking the graves if you are lucky. There are 6 graves to find. Some are easy and some hard. You can ask people on CHAT & HELP channel for more info, or to organize a team.
  7. Sunday EXP raid (20:00 CET.). You will be able to gain a great amount of levels and possibly win some rare Gear Sets and EXP Vouchers. In this event, you are guaranteed to always gain tons of levels and anyone who is aiming to become a high level player, should absolutely join the event.

Steps for getting better Equipment

  1. There are various rare sets which you can loot from bosses, for instance: Oceanic Lizard Set, Mariana’s Set, Sky Rider Set, Red Scorcher Set, Hoodoo Set (These are with extremely fast HP/MANA regen and extra protection)
  2. Some of nice other sets you can get from quests. There is a lot of upgrades to get them. (More info:
  3. Best wands for druid
    • Aether’s Wand (+13 magic levels) (loot+quest)
    • Aratron’s Wand (+ 13 magic levels) (loot+quest)
    • Wand of the Oceanic Lizard (+15 magic levels) (quest)
    • Wand of the Sky Rider (+19 magic levels) (quest)
    • Staff of Moses (+25 magic levels) (loot)
  4. There is a quest for Wand of the Oceanic Lizard but you need a big team to finish the quest. You should look for a nice blocker, some healers and shooters to finish it easy.
  5. Wand of the Oceanic Lizard can be upgraded to Wand of the Sky Rider. This quest is really hard and you need 950 elite knight as a blocker (you can also try with lower level blocker if you are lucky) also many shooters. You also need 17 Gold Nuggets (1700 Crystal Coins)
  6. Shields:

Upgrading Tusk, Rose or Honour Shield to Cyclip Shield Required items:

Eagle, Blessed & Tempest Shields, 1 Illuminati. One of the following is also needed: Rose, Tusk or Honour Shield.

Upgrading Cyclip Shield to Oceanic Lizard Shield Required items:

Butterfly Conservation Kit 3, Botanist’s Container 3 & Cyclip Shield 21 Graves must also be found and opened. Graves can be found on Oceanic Lizard Shield 1 island

Upgrading Oceanic Lizard Shield to Sky Rider Shield Required items:

Butterfly Conservation Kit 4, Botanist’s Container 4, Oceanic Lizard Shield 33 Graves must also be found and opened. To find all graves you have to explore Skyrider areas.

There are many more quests on Outcast, I just mentioned the most important ones for a beginner.

  1. RINGS:
    • Rotating Black Potatoe Ring (arm:9) (6/6 HP/MANA REGEN)
    • Bonesmen Ring (arm:11) (9/9 HP MANA REGEN)
    • Joy Ring (arm:13) (11/11 HP/MANA REGEN)
    • Red Ruby Ring of the Gods (arm:15) (15/15 HP/MANA REGEN)

*Every ring can be looted from bosses

Other useful tips

  • Golden Phoenix of Outcast (Statue) is in the middle of the Depot. You can click it to get donation points. You can create more characters and keep them online to get more points in future.
  • You should buy a house where you can train alone and burn mana. If you created more characters they can mana you faster to get magic level.
  • Many quest tutorials:
  • You can type !commands in chat to see the list of commands.
  • You can’t get kicked while staying afk on the server, as long as you keep your client on.

Mel’s Tutorial for Beginners

Language: “PortuguesEnglish” by Mel :) - 15/02/2020

Some Basic Information

Hello guys! This tutorial has been written to help you all build your own strategies to succeed in the Outcast Server.

  • How to choose the best vocation for you
  • How to get money
  • How to get level
  • How to get Skills and Magic level
  • How to get Itens
  • How to get donation points
  • How zombie events works
  • How to choose the best vocation for you

First thing you should know is which vocation to choose. After some weeks theres a big difference between Mages, Paladin and Knight.

If you already got a char and want to change vocation, do it! You wont lose much time and then you can do all the good quests twice :) You should always bring all of your characters to the EXP Raid on Sunday evenings, so you get levels on all of them!

Don’t forget to buy a Promotion as soon as possible. (20k in the Mpc King DP +1)

HP & Mana regen table

  • Knight 15/3s 25/6s
  • Elite Knight 15/2s 25/6s
  • Paladin 15/4s 25/4s
  • Royal Paladin 15/3s 25/3s
  • Sorc/Druid 15/6s 25/3s
  • MS/ED 15/6s 25/2s
  • 15/3s means 15 HP regenaration each 3 seconds

How to get money

Not much to say here, you should go for good loot monsters, (specially in the Double Loot time and Multi Wave Monster Raid), sell your loot in npc Tirano at +1 level of Depot and Temple and if you loot some Rares you can sell it to other players or NPC Capricornus at -1 of Depot and Temple

Some good loot monsters

hydras, warlocks, centaurs, arms of wrath, demons, orshabaals, mayan draconises, shielded warrior, holy knights, angels of death, and all bosses/all multi wave monsters.

Always join the raids in the main city, especially EXP Raid on Sunday evenings. :)

How to get itens

There are many good itens to get, and thats not easy. The best itens in game are looted or taken from quests. Theres an special shop where you can get really good itens with donation points, but the best items are always looted or gotten from quests. The only way to get the best items, is to play actively.

How to get donation points

To get donation points you can donate to outcast (the fastest way), but you also can get everything here without spend real money.

Some ways to get points:

When you get 3 ages you can click on the golden statue middle DP to get 6 points. As you gain more age, you will also be rewarded more points

Winning a zombie event will give you 20 points or more. Could even give hundreds if you get lucky!

Some events organized by GM, can give you 300…400 points if you follow the rules or have some luck!

How to get EXP fast

1- Every sunday we have the EXP RAID EVENT, the best event on the server where you can get lots of xp that will help you optimize your gameplay everyweek. You should join it on all of your characters, since it also helps you choose the best vocation. Just join the event and stand and shoot. :)

2- Team hunt when the “+300% Party EXP Bonus has been ACTIVATED for the next 30 minutes!”

3- Exp Boost Runes

4- Follow outcast Youtube and Twitch then msg God Qut to get some XP bonus

5- “A Multi Wave Monster Raid is about to begin. :)” Always go to main city when you see that.

How to get skills and ML

Training monks are the best way to get skills, Outcast server will never kick your char for being idle if you keep the client on, you can train 24h AFK untill you feel thats enough :)

For magic level, you will need magic spells while training/hunting, use manarunes and regen itens (link to regen itens page) to make it faster. Eventhough you cannot train ML afk, you can train ML hunting and listen me, you will.

How the Zombie event works

Zombie events starts every 2 hours. It will not work if the time it will start the pvp is disabled for any reason. To join zombie event, go to DP -1 and enter zombie Teleport when you notice this msg: “22:54 The Zombie Event will start in 3 minutes! Go downstairs of Depot & Temple to find the Zombie Event teleport!”

Once you reach zombie arena, run from any zombie that follows you, if they touch you, you will be destroyed. The last player in zombie arena will win the prize: ” Winner’s Rewards: 10 Crystal Coins, 10 Shop Points. Extra Lucky Rewards: Golden Raptor’s Amulet, Full or pieces of Templar & Zenith Set and a 2 or 8 Day +75% EXP Voucher Rune.” If you join alone the zombie event will not start. (You can join alone with 2 chars to win)

If 2 players are near each other and the zombie touch them at same time, noone will win the event. (if you are alone in the zombie event, keep your chars far away from each other)

The raids in main city

Raids are monster invasion near depot and these monsters spaw randomly in 3, 15 or 30 waves that make players run all around the main city killing everything. The monsters give really good loot and xp, but they can be hard to low levels, so be careful!

Most high levels do not take loots so if you are poor, open the dead bodies and take the loot to sell them in Tirano.

If you see a message “A Multi Wave Monster Raid is about to begin” be ready and enjoy!

Task system

The task system in Outcast is different than all others. Every player starts with 0/500 task points and all relevant monsters killed will add some points to the player who get the Frag.

exemple: killing a Demon will give 2 task points and you can see it in the “task window”. Something like this:

” You have received 2 task point(s) (2/500) by killing a Demon.”

But what can I do with the points? - You can trade points by money, itens, XP, outfits and many others things. To check the full list type !task and press enter.

Do I need to talk to npc to start the system? - No, this points are automatically added to you char, if you have 2 chars the points are separated.

Is 500 the max points possible to get?

No, 500 is the start maxpoints, when you reach 500/500, type !task maxpoints then you will start again with 0/1000. When you reach the max total again, you can do the command again to extend to 1500… 2000… 2500… etc.

The more you extend the maxpoints, the more rewards you can get, for exemple, Outcast Pass costs 2500 taskpoints, so it will take a while to get the points to 2500. But don’t give up, some rewards are over 14000 points! Keep hunting and you will reach the points you need :)

And what about monsters tasks, does them exist? - Yes, some NPCs can give you tasks. They are “Starboy” in Edron boat for monster and other tasks, and “Patriarch Scorcher” in DP +1 for random tasks. The monster tasks can give different types of rewards, like Exp Boost, Access to some places, Task points, etc… And you can repeat some of these tasks too.

What are random tasks? - The NPC will ask you to bring task random Task Itens (can be looted in monsters) and if you bring the itens to him, you will get an big amount of task points as a reward. Type !Collectibles to see which monster give the itens you need.

To start a random task you say “Hi, start random task”. Keep in mind the task can be hard, the itens can be rare and only available in strong bosses. But dont worry, You can cancel tasks by paying 150k (after some levels its cheap xD).

Collectibles also can be sold in NPC “Will meridian” located in west of DP. How to check my active task? - Go to the task NPCs and say “active task”, only works for the Patriarch NPC… To starboy NPC you will need to remember or cancel it.

Ressurection system

A really useful system that allow someone go back to his dead body when team hunting, no matter where you died. You need other player to click on the item inside the dead body (Baphomet’s Tool of Resurrection). You also need to stay inside The Chamber of Resurrection before you mate clicks the item. “This is where you go, when the journey has been too hard and you have found yourself laying in the Temple, once again. Walk inside this room and you will get a second chance to get to the end of the road if your comrades are still kicking it.” Also known as “the room next to zombie teleport” in DP -1.

Extra Guides for Beginers

Every vocation starts on level 40, age 0, Magic Level 0, basic skills, basic itens and some runes. The runes in your bag have 100x each, except for manarune (30x).

Age is the time you spend online, 24h = 1 age. Experienced players can buy runes with more charges. A player with age 60+ buy runes with 255x charges and age 0 will buy same runes with 35x. Collect money and ask some experienced player to buy runes for you. Before going hunting, train some skills and magic level in trainer monks under DP.

I’m ready! Where to hunt?

Enter in teleport inside DP to go to “world”, a place with many teleports to hunt areas, choose the best place for your vocation.

World map

  • 1- Football quest
  • 2- Dragons, Dragon lords
  • 3- Spider, Tarantulas, Giant Spiders, Warlocks, Banshees
  • 4-Game hall
  • 5- Demons, Dragons, Hydras, Warlocks and others
  • 6- Vampires, Heroes, Warlocks, Demons, Pharaos, Orshaballs, Morgaroths
  • 7- World +1
  • 8- Way back to Main city

World (+1) map

  • 1- Ghouls, Mummies, Djins and others
  • 2- Rotworms, Demons, Hydras, Behemoth, Black Knight, Beholders, Pharaos, Orshaballs
  • 3- Elven city
  • 4- Cyclops, Golden armor quest
  • 5- Winter wolves, Gargoyles, Yeti, Polar bears
  • 6- Hydras, Elephants, Crocodile, Giant Spiders and others
  • 7- Monkey island
  • 8- More Dragon Lands

Guides for Elite Knights

Elite Knight is a good vocation to people who want to farm bosses solo when you get some levels. You also can hunt with a team and make good strategies like: Using manarune + exori while team heal/mana you. :) Start training ML and skills untill 100/100, go hunt hydras/dragons/Demons to take first levels and make some money to buy runes. The more you level, try to face harder monsters like Orshabaals.

Main points:

  • For Knights the fastest way to kill monsters is using exori/Uber exori so you will need manarunes as much as you need UHs.
  • Monsters like Warlocks, Osiris, Xapters, Etc. (that attack on a big range) can be annoying to Knights. Use explosions to reach then easily and if possible, use Uber exori in diagonal position. A good trick: If you are strong enough to block Hybrids, lure them on other monsters, they will kill everything for you by spamming UE.
  • Knights better hunt small range monsters like Demons, Orshaballs and Morgaroths killing them with melee + exori. There are a hundred monsters that you can hunt this way.
  • Be careful not to lure more monsters than you can handle. UHs wont recover full HP with 1 charge like paladins and mages “Exura vita”. To minimize monsters traps use walls and stairs on dangerous places.
  • Morgaroth is really good to hunt for EK! They die fast, give rare loots like Oceanic Lizard parts, Rare Rings and others like Cyclip balls, summon demons that help increase your task points fast, Spaw fast and are easy to find in map.

Before you get high level, hunt Morgas carefuly, one by one. A good place with 4 single spaws is in the Blessed Shield Quest at Wild Warriors Cave at “World”, west of main city. Enter the cave and always go to the east.

After Level 500-600, Take the Exp boost 4 task on NPC Starboy and go hunt 1000 Morgas. You can make tasks in team with active party. Some Places to find many Morgas:

  • Portal on West of Edron boss run Check Point 2 - First you will need to active the check point Edron boss run 2, bring a team of experienced players to helo you get there. Then after activate the CP you can travel there for 50 cc. and reach the spaws alone.
  • Yalahar north west level 0 and -1: No need to active the CP in Yalahar, you can travel there by 100 cc from Edron Boat. Go north, enter the “Cathedral” and go to left stairs. Go down stairs again and enter the first cave you see north-west. Explore this cave and you will find many Morgas. Go out cave in every exit you find and you meet more Morgas.

Others Yalahar Spaws for EKs: Mayan Draconises, Shielded Warriors, Bosses like Hybrids, Hypergiants, Helarctos. Mayans are amazing for XP and loot. You can also make exp boost 4 task with Mayans (kill 2000) and Hypergiants (kill 800).

List of some monsters with good range for EKs from easy to harder:

  • Hydras, Demon, Homungulus Beatle, Orshabal, Krampus, Bermuda Draconis, Shielded warriors, Mayan Draconis, Hybrids, Angel of death, Morgaroth, Xarptor, Dark Wizard, Chinese Panda, Helarctos, Hypergiants, Mungrorath, Hydrocon, Evil limp, Arm of Doom and More. All of them are in the Uber Exori Range and does not run in red HP.